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Foam Types

Listed below are the foams we stock. Please contact us if you require foam for different purposes than those stated below and we will advise you which would be the best foam for your purposes.

Please note: Our flame retardant foams conform to the requirements of :- The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 Foam Schedule 1 Part 1/Fibres Schedule 2 Part 1. (Amended 1989, 1993) Non F.R. foam can only be supplied for packaging requirements.


Medium Medium - (V33 kilo)
A 33 kilo density medium feel foam. Our best selling domestic furniture foam. Ideal for many household seating applications, also suitable for use in caravan & boat seating/sleeping areas. For a higher density firm feel foam see our High/Firm CM40/RX39 grade. Colour will be green, light pink or light blue depending on the batch.
Soft Soft - (120N)
A soft feel foam. Recommended uses are back cushions, softer feel armchair and sofa cushions (at depths of 6 inches and above), headboards & sunloungers. Also if you have a cushion in a boat, caravan or motorhome/campervan that is used purely as a mattress and is at least 3" thick then this foam makes a softer bed than the medium/firm or high firm foams. Colour will be light green or pink.
RX Flex RX Flex - (40-42 kilo)
This is a 40 kilo high density softer feel foam. A luxurious feel foam recommended when replacing feather or fibre filled cushions with foam. Particularly suitable for settee & sofa cushions with a minimum thickness of 5" or for mattress overlays at 2" deep (to soften a too hard mattress). Its high density ensures a long life and it returns quickly to its original shape after being sat on, unlike many soft feel foams. Colour will be grey.
High Firm High/Firm - (CMP40/RX39)
Our most popular firm feel foam. A high density firm foam extensively used for base cushions in armchairs & settees where the depth of the cushion does not exceed 5". Also very popular at depths of 1", 2" & 3" for dining, kitchen and garden chairs, window seats, etc. Probably the best foam available for seating & bedding in caravans (we have it in our own caravan) & boats. Colour will be blue.
Laminate Laminate
The answer to cushions in boats, caravans and motorhomes that have to be a seat during the day and convert into a bed at night. If you find that the normal firm foams make a too hard mattress then this is the product for you. Manufactured using our high/firm foam for the base with our softer Reflex foam on the top. The foam consists of approximately 2/3 firm base with 1/3 softer topper. Available 3", 4", 5" and 6" thick. Providing your cushions are not wider than 30" (76cm) we will fit a stockinette liner on the foam for no extra charge.
Very Firm Very Firm - (6lb Recon)
A very high density foam. Used where maximum support is required. Often used as a base to which a softer foam is bonded to. Suitable for high usage applications, bar seating etc.
Packaging Packaging - (H.L.B.)
A Non Flame retardant Foam, Dark Grey in colour for packaging. You can cut holes in this foam to accommodate cameras etc.

Other Products

4oz Polyester Fibre wrap 4oz Polyester Fibre wrap
A soft fibre used to give cushions a softer edge and a less angular appearance.
14oz Polyester Fibre wrap 14oz Polyester Fibre wrap
A thick soft fibre used to give cushions a domed appearance when replacing feather/fibre filled cushions with foam core cushions.
Stockinette Stockinette
Used as a lining material. It enables easier insertion of cushions into their covers and prolongs the life of the foam.