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Cushion Filling Service.

You can take advantage of our Free Cushion Filling Service

If you don't want to measure your own covers and order either online or over the phone you can post your covers to our office/shop address (below) for a free no obligation quote:

Jordans (Leamington Spa) llp,
14 High St,
Leamington Spa,
CV31 3AN

We will phone you the day your covers arrive with us to let you know we have received them and then the following day will provide you with a no obligation quote. We will do all the measuring and if our quote is acceptable we will then put the new foam in to your covers and deliver the finished cushions back to you. If our quote is more than you want to spend, we return your covers without any cost, obligation or sales pressure.

If you would rather not post us your covers; we have a step by step guide (click here) from the measuring of a cover to the fitting of the new inner. We hope this will help you when measuring your own covers, choosing the most suitable grade of foam for yourself and to understand how the new inners are made.

For today's large sofa cushion please also read our article about how best to achieve that puffed up cushion look. Replacing Sofa Cushions.

If you feel confident that you can take your measurements (don't forget that your cushions may require the extra doming option) then you can get a quote now.  but If you don't feel that confident then post us your covers and we will do all the work for you.