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Renew Furniture with Foam Cut to Size

When your existing furniture starts looking a little tired, with sagging seats and unsupportive backs, you can be forgiven for thinking it's time to buy new. Not all furniture is disposable, though. There are pieces we love, that would be expensive to replace or are simply irreplaceable because of family history or traditions. Because seat cushions are easily replaced with foam cut to size to fit your specific needs, it's possible to hang onto that much-loved sofa or chair by giving it a makeover and a new lease of life.

Seat Cushions

The upholstery foam that makes up the majority of seat cushions is the foam that gets the most wear and tear and is often the first area of furniture to start getting uncomfortable. Maybe it's been worn unevenly so it tips you to the side when you sit, or maybe constant compression over several years now means it sags in the middle and is too low for comfort.

A firm cushion with foam cut to size can make it feel like new again. It's much cheaper to replace sagging or spent foam than it is to replace a whole settee. Firm foam is ideal for deep seating such as that on settees or armchairs, but is also suitable in shallower depths for dining chairs in need of a new seat.

Chair Backs

The backs of chairs wear a little slower than the seats because we don't actually sit on them. They do, however, over time, take on the shape of all those backs resting against them and can end up tipping you in all sorts of strange angles. Getting comfortable becomes quite a task instead of something you can take for granted, as it should be.

Soft foam is required for backs rather than the harder foam used in seat cushions. A medium to soft foam cut to size can transform your sagging seating and make it feel like new again. As a cushion foam it's also ideal for leisure use in boats or caravans and can be used for both seating and sleeping areas. It makes a slightly softer bed than you'd get with a denser foam, so many people find it more comfortable.

All our foam cut to size is available in various depths to suit most domestic applications. Please browse the site to find the foam that best suits your needs