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Comfortable Cushions - Jordans Foam Cut to Size

Comfortable is a hard word to define, cushions are only as comfortable as you think, some people find firm and springy cushions comfortable and some people find soft cushions comfortable. Here at Jordans we satisfy all your needs as our valued customer and focus on what you find comfortable, we allow local customers to borrow our 'sample cushions,' so you can choose what firmness is most comfortable to you.

Cushions come in medium soft, medium firm, RX flex, high firm and very firm, So there is 5 choices of quality cushions for you to choose from. Over the past year alone we have had 3 orders of a soft cushion at one end of the sofa for the wife and one at the other end firm for the husband. We can make the comfort to suit you, as everyone is different. Every firmness will soften off over the years the more it is used, so what may seem like a very firm cushion on day one will become more like a firm density a year down the line. If you cannot decide on what firmness you would like, then our cushion samples will help you decide more easily, all you have to do is choose your firmness and after a few weeks of testing and deciding if the cushion is comfortable for you, bring the cushion covers and the cushion samples back to us and your cushions will be ready to go after the foam is cut to size.

The dictionary definition of comfort is: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. So whatever firmness and height of cushion gives you the most physical ease and least constraint is considered the most comfortable, everyone has preferences and firmness' that they will not like, but at Jordans all we care about is your favourite and most comfortable cushion

RX flex is considered to be a top quality and 'comfortable' 40 kilo high density soft feel foam. A foam recommended when replacing feather or fibre filled cushions with foam. Particularly suitable for settee & sofa cushions with a minimum thickness of 5" or for mattress overlays at 2" deep (to soften a too hard mattress). Its high density ensures a long life and it returns quickly to its original shape after being sat on, unlike many soft feel foams.

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