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How to Fit Foam Cushions into Covers - Jordans Foam Cut to Size

Fitting your new foam cushions in to your covers can be very difficult and at times may seem impossible. There are ways to do this however and here we give you a few hints and tips to make the job easier.

First of all, your foam should always be slightly larger than the cover you are fitting it in to which can be off putting but do not panic. The oversized foam cushion should have been achieved by adding an amount to the length, width and depth measurements of the cover or if you have a polyester wadding wrap on your foam cushion you can have the foam the actual size of the cover and the polyester wrap would give you the 'extra' that you need.

If you are making new covers for your cushions is is well worth making your zip opening as large as possible. If possible bring the zip opening around the back corners by around a couple of inches. At the very least the zip opening wants to be the full width of the end that is open.

If you zip opening comes slightly around the corners of your back edge, then you will most likely find that you will not even have to bend the foam in half to get it in to the cover. You will just need to work the new cushion in a couple of inches at a time for each side until the new cushion is right up to the front of the cover.

Most zip openings however are only the width of the back edge and you cannot just push the new cushion in to the cover without bending the foam. Before fitting the new cushion in to such a cover bend the foam in half a few times, this will remove some of the initial hardness of the foam and make it easier to work with. Then bend the foam in half and slowly work it in to your cover. Work the foam in a couple of inches each side at a time. Before long you will have your cushion in past your zip but still bent in half. It is then a case of getting your hand in to the cover and working the foam until it is flat and in line with the seams.

The biggest help you can have when fitting new foam in to a cover, is to have a stockinette liner on your foam. The stockinette will help your foam slide against the fabric of the cover.

'T' and 'L' shaped cushions are notoriously difficult and to be honest we would recommend that you take advantage of our free cushion filling service if you are going to order one of those shapes. If you are going to try to fit an 'L' or 'T' shaped cushion yourself, then the first thing you need to do is the get the 'lug' (the small piece that sticks out from the cushion) in to the space in the cover for it, then bend the foam in half and slowly work the foam in to the cover a couple of inches each side at a time. With a 'T' shaped cushion, just get one of the lugs in position, then bend the foam in half and work in to the cover as above. When you have the cushion in past the zip you will have to get your hand in to the cover and work the other lug in to its space. It is not easy, hence suggesting that you let us do it for you.

We now have Upholsterers silk available for you to make the fitting of cushions even simpler, click here to see this simple way to fit cushions with the help of a domestic vacuum cleaner.