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Foam Cushions at the Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show 2019


As a nation we love anything to do with gardening and our home. Gardening is just therapeutic, good for our souls, and it's the nearest to being children again, the closest we get to play as adults. By visiting different type of gardens, gives us inspiration, ideas, to create that perfect garden of ours. It's pure tranquillity! Spending more quality time out side, in the fresh air is so good on many levels for our wellbeing and health. We need to be introducing this to our children, we need more green fingers in the world. Make sure you save the date, for the next instatement of the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019. What a show it was this year, where Jordans Foam Cushion's, supplied one of the cushion manufacturer with foam, for their garden furniture displays. We really enjoyed being part of this! The Chelsea Flower Show is one such initiative, it is a mere display of such beautiful flowers but it is also a mild reminder that we're killing all the beauty in the world with our unhealthy habits. The National Garden Scheme, urges as a nation to promote gardening, for our physical and emotional health.

Potting a Cactus

About the show The 2019 Chelsea Flower Show is scheduled to be held from May 21st to May 29th, as always, it will be conducted in London. Ever since 1913, this flower show has been carried out every year, except during the world wars. It has had the honor of being Britain's largest flower show at one point. The flower show is conducted in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea every year. The event isn't restricted to one ground only. Instead, it is spread over a number of big and small gardens where flowers are set up within a few days. However, as visitors, you won't be able to tell whether the flowers naturally grew in these gardens or were they only planted a few days ago. The Royal Horticultural Society, which was founded in 1804, is the one responsible for making sure the event is carried out successfully every year. Other than being extremely famous, it is also still the most prestigious horticultural event of the country. Renowned florists work in this event to present the beauty in its best forms.

plant pot display

Event details The Chelsea Flower Show will be an 8-day event in 2019. The first day isn't loaded with activities because guests are expected to arrive from all over the world to the city of London. The next day, you can roam around the grounds of the Royal Hospital to experience the state of the art horticulture. You can also visit the castles in the vicinity, these include Scotney Castle, Bateman's, Great Dixter House, Sissinghurst Castle, etc. A day during the show can be set out for visiting different garden houses and food is available at the location too. There is enough time during the 8 days that you can experience all sorts of shows all over the gardens. You can experience a lot more too without having to miss out on anything. There are a number of stores and stands around the show's location, so that visitors can experience great shopping trips around the venue. The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest garden inspirations for people. You can find the most beautiful setups that will motivate you, to give your garden a makeover. Unique garden furniture is set up in the most creative styles. You will definitely find something that can be incorporated into your personal home garden, no matter how big or small it is. Make sure this date is firmly in your diary, it's a great event for families, friends and even taking your children, remember they are the next generation of gardeners!

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