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Foam Price Increases in 2016

After several years of price stability in the foam industry we have been notified by our foam suppliers that prices will be going up in 2016. The reason for the price increase is due to a shortage of the main chemical used in foam production (TDI Toluene Di-isocyanate).

There are only two manufactuers of foam in the UK (Vita Foam and Carpenters) and both manufacturers are affected by this chemical shortage.

We have been aware of the situation for some time and have been building our foam stock up during the year as not only have there been issues about the price going up but more importantly there have been actual shortages of foam.

We have now received details of how much foam will go up in cost and the figure is 8% at cost, fortunately one of our suppliers has guaranteed our prices until September so that has taken some of the pressure off us. Even so, if you are thinking of replacing your cushions our advice would be to do it sooner than later.

You can call us (01926) 832775 or alternatively you can email us foam@jordansretail.co.uk for more information.