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Foam Smell - Jordans Foam cut to Size

Why does foam smell? - Foam is a man made product and when brand new will have a smell to it, the chemical smell of new foam is due to a release of chemicals used in its manufacture. This release of smelly chemicals into the air is a process known technically as off-gassing. All petrochemical based foams will offgas and smell when new.

How long does the smell last? - Some people are more sensitive to the smell than others and hence for them the smell will last longer. The simple and only way to make the smell go away is to air the product. Normally a couple of days is sufficient but for people who are more sensitive to the smell it can take a couple of weeks. The smell is normal and there is nothing wrong with the foam.

I've not noticed the foam smell with furniture, why does cut to size foam smell?- When you buy a piece of furniture with foam in it, it could have been made several months earlier and sat in a large warehouse for some time before you get it. With cut to size foam, the foam will have literally only been made the week before you get it and hence will have not had time to air.

Is there anything I can do to make the smell go away quicker? - The simple answer to that is no; just airing the product is the only way for the smell to go. We have asked this very question to the foam manufacturers and they have said that you could lightly dust the foam with talcum powder but this is not making the smell go away it is just masking the smell with another smell, so we purely recommend airing the foam,

Is foam safe? - We purchase all of our foams from UK manufacturers to ensure the quality and the accountability as to what chemicals are used in the foam manufacture.