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Not All Foams Are Created Equal

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Buying a new sofa is one of the stressful times, in your life as it is a large investment and you'll worry about a lot of things when purchasing. You have to think about size, design, material, and cost. The one area that you cannot overlook throughout this is foam. You must add foam to your list of concerns when buying your sofa or chair. It will determine how comfortable it will be for sitting on long periods of time, how long it will last you. We expect our sofa foams to last at least 5 years; and we have personally experienced over 10 years with some of our foams; you also need to take into account, if you have younger children. As parents will understand that children like to treat the sofa as a trampoline and the sofa foam will lose its bounce. To make sure that you enjoy your time with your sofa or chair fully, purchase one with high quality foam that you can trust to bring comfort and reliability,

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Not All Foam is Equal Never assume that all foam is equal. In furniture, there are plenty of different types of foam; each type of foam is unique, offering unique experiences. How one feels is different from another, it is why some sofas are going to cost far more than others do, even if everything else is the same. The quality of the foam determines the comfort and quality of the sitting. When you go to purchase any type of seating, do look what type of foam has been used, as this is going to be the most important aspect of the seating experience. It will be how you determine the comfort level and reliability. It is how you make sure you will have the soft, durable, firm, perfect place to rest.

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Types of Foam and Grades. There are several types of foam out there and grades for each, it is why so many sofas and chairs are going to be so strikingly different from one another. From the moment you sit down, you will notice that the way it feels changes depending on the cushions foam. You are not going to have the same durability, density, quality, longevity, or comfort, with certain foam types. It's why you spend much more money on the foam such as a high denisty foam, than the actual sofa or chair. You should always consider the specific foam that has been used, while purchasing your dream sofa or chair. You should always ask the question; what type of foam had been used?

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