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Prepare Your Caravans, Motor Homes and Boats - For The Summer Holidays

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The Summer season is fast approaching, with the Sun coming out soon, everyone has plans of how they're going to spend time soaking up the sun rays and getting their tan. Among some of the most fun activities for summer is going out on adventures and spending quality time as a family, with friends or love ones. Therefore, it's about time you start preparing your boat , caravans and motor homes as the first step of your summer adventure!

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How to make your camping vehicle more comfortable.

Although adventures are fun in their true sense of being , we do like our home comforts and making our environment more comfortable is a must. The small space inside your caravans, motor homes or boats can be made very relaxing. You will be spending your days entertaining , while your nights resting and sleeping. A good mattress needs to give support and comfort, as having an uncomfortable mattress, will lead onto having a bad night sleep followed by backache. It's all about getting that restful night sleep that you deserve and can carrying on enjoying your holiday. The first step to achive this, is to add a layer of comfort , this can be achieved with adding upholstery. There are multiple options available. You can go for a simple foam mattress. However, we suggest you go for something like memory foam. It will be the perfect option for traveling. It's also best suited for boat home where your vehicle is in constant motion. However, the special foam has the capacity to keep you in a comfortable position at all times.

Memory foam

What is a memory foam?

Memory foam is basically denser and has more viscosity than regular mattress foams. It consists of a special chemical called polyurethane which allows it to have these properties. The high density makes it easier to warm when the body comes in contact with the foam. That will be perfect when you're out in the middle of nowhere with no warmth at all. Memory foam is gaining popularity now but it was first manufactured in the 1960s. It was firstly used by NASA for airplane seats. The soft memory foam has the tendency to adjust to body weight and pressure. These properties allow the body weight and pressure to be evenly distributed throughout the mattress. Due to its viscosity, it quickly regains its original shape when the weight is removed. The best part is, memory foam is very hygienic. It has minimal chances of getting infested with things like bed bugs. Even when you're in the most dangerous areas, your bed will be warm, soft and completely bug-free! No matter where you go, we guarantee you will stay comfortable throughout the journey. Comfort, relaxation and, hygiene; memory foam ticks all those boxes. It's for sure the best option you have. So why wait, plan your holiday now? Order your memory foam from us https://www.foamcushion.co.uk/foam-types/. We provide high density cut to size and shape for cushions, foam mattresses and mattress toppers. We also provide laminate foam for caravans, motorhomes, boats, etc. You 're ready to start your summer camping or sailing fun!

For further information on upholstery foam or foam cut to size, please contact our team who will be happy to help.