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The advatages of foam filling in cushions

Foam fill has been the most suitable for indoor use with numerous features to offer the users excellent cushion experience. Its resiliency, durability, and firmness make it stand out among its peers. However, because of its inability to retain water, foam is not advisable to be used for outdoor purposes sofas. The following are the reasons that make foam to be preferable for sofas filling:

- Standard: Many standard organisations have certified foam to be applied in all foam application because of its economic standard and safety.

- Environment effect: Foam has been subjected to many laboratories testing, and it has confirmed to meet every content standard, durability and emission. This voluntary testing is referred to as CertiPUR-US which involves certification and analysis program set up by the world Flexible Polyurethane Foam (FPF) industry. This certification implies that foam fill is guaranteed for the following attribute:
Does not comprise of heavy metals, lead, and mercury
Has low-emission VOCs for indoor air quality
Phthalates not included
It is without PBDEs
Formaldehyde not involved in the manufacturing
It is ozone deplete free

Consequent upon the above attributes, it simply means that using cushions with foam fill will save the environment by contributing to the general health of the atmospheric condition. - Density: Foam density indicates the foam performance as far as durability and support are concerned. This also signifies economic usage of the foam to offer long span enjoyment with little or no maintenance. For example, the density of 1m x 1m x 1m foam cube is 40kg. The higher the density the better it becomes. However, there are different foam densities in the market to fit into every purpose, depending on the application. - Firmness: This indicates how firm or soft you may like your cushion foam to be. Firmness is mainly determined by the Indentation Force Deflection (ILD) number. The number ranges from 6 to 45, the higher the indentation number, the higher the foam firmness. However, foam firmness is a matter of choice based on personal delight.

We at Jordans Foam Cushion only used UK manufactured foam in all our cushions and we have long working relationships with our suppliers ensuring full traceability of the materials used in our foam. .