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Foam is just foam, right?

Foam is just foam, right? Soft, spongy, low-tech stuff you find in upholstery or in cushions and pillows and packaging. It's all around us. Foam, very little to it then? Guess again because there's more to cushion foam and foam cut to shape for upholstery than meets the eye.

It's one of those everyday things we all use but don't see. But there's science, design, density, thickness and fire regulations involved in selecting the perfect foam for any given situation. You can't use non-flame retardant foam in your sofa and you don't stuff high density foam into a cushion. So, which of the many varieties of foam goes where?

with success in back cushions and in caravan and boat seating. Medium/Firm density firm feel foam is ideal for domestic furniture applications but is also suitable for caravan and boat seating.

High/Firm density foam is a popular material for use in all sorts of seating from armchairs through to sofas, kitchen and garden chairs. It, too, can be used for seating/sleeping areas in boats, caravans and motor homes. For maximum support in seating areas in bars and hotels, Very/High density foam is the perfect solution where it is often used in combination with a softer material.

Laminated foam is best for leisure craft and caravans as two separate densities and thicknesses of foam cut to shape, such as High/Firm and Reflex are bonded together to provide the ultimate comfort in seating that transforms to bedding.

Polyester Fibre Wrap is soft low density foam used in conjunction with other foams to give a soft, rounded appearance to the finished cushion. There is considerable overlap in application between foam densities which ensures plenty of options in comfort levels and pricing.

It is worth pointing out that, today, all foam utilised in the manufacture of furniture, whether foam cut to shape or upholstery foam, must be flame retardant and comply with all the necessary fire regulations that govern its use. Over the years this safety measure has undoubtedly saved countless lives.

Complicated, isn't it? Happily the Foam Cushion team is happy to answer any queries regarding our services and products.