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Why Upholstering Is A Must To Update Your Cushion Foam

Corner Sofa

Upholstery foam can be cut into various shapes to fit your needs. They are often in different sizes and firmness's. Almost all furniture sold around the world uses upholstery foam. They provide the comfort that we feel when we sit in chairs or lie on beds. They are used for cushion pillows and many other domestic types of furniture. Upholstery foam is of different grades. The most common category is the medium grade because it is cheaper although it wears away faster than the other grades. People chose it because of the short-term comfort it gives for the price. The trick about upholstery foam is that you get what you pay for. The higher priced foam is more durable than a lower priced foam, although you do not need a high-priced foam for every piece of furniture. Take a sofa for example; you do not need a high-grade upholstery foam for an area that does not get to be used for seating. However, if the sofa is regularly used mainly by adults, it requires a high-quality upholstery foam. According to research, most common grade of upholstery foams wears away and lose more than 20% of its size in just six months to one year. Still, yet, there are upholstery foams that you cannot even use because it might be too strong. It is advisable that you seek an expert advice before placing an order for upholstery foam. We here at Jordans Foam Cushion, have years of experience and knowledge. Make sure to call us and speak to one of our friendly staff today.


It's Essential That You Update Your Upholstery Foam For Several Reasons:

  • o To Revamp The Comfort That You Once Enjoyed

When you newly purchased your sofa, do you remember how comfortable it was? Sure, you do. However, after a few months, your upholstery foam may have become too soft for use if you had the medium grade foam in it. You should update the foam to make it feel brand new again.

  • o Health Factor

Over time, the upholstery foam is bound to become loaded with dirt, sweat, moisture, sand and many other unwanted bodies. If you continue to use it that way, it might make your sofa a breeding ground for illness and disease-causing bacteria and lice. Regular cleaning or a total change of the upholstery foam can save you a lot of money that you may spend in seeing a doctor.

  • o To Help Furniture Regain Its Firmness

A piece of furniture looks sharp and beautiful when new, however with regular use over time, the upholstery foam becomes loose and soft, and it affects the original beauty of the furniture. If you want to re-establish the initial firmness that your furniture once had, you may have to update the upholstery foam. Sometimes when you sit on a weakened upholstery foam, there will be a mark carved out, where you have been sitting. Normally, it is supposed to return to normal when you get up, but because it is weakened, it may remain that way for long thereby losing its shape and firmness. By looking after and updating your upholstery foam will ensure your furniture remains in shape and last for longer. It's worth the money to invest in new foam, for your furniture, so much more cost effective than purchasing a new piece of furniture.

For further information on upholstery foam or foam cut to size, please contact our team who will be happy to help.